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Plottr is getting some huge upgrades very soon πŸ˜±πŸŽ‰

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Plottr makes it easy to visually plot out your novel. Finally a tool that works the way you think. Write powerful stories with ease. Be that writer that you’ve always dreamed of being!

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What people are saying:

"Plottr is an amazing program that has become an integral part of my ... process" - Celia

"Holy smokes! This is the tool I've been longing for." - Austin

"This is an excellent, elegant piece of software." -Danny

"... a fantastic piece of software that has replaced 6 of my other software programs." -John


  • Visual Timeline β€” drag and drop your scenes, story lines, and cards to easily create a timeline of your story
  • Cards β€” Each card on the timeline is like a sticky note on your wall. Add detailed descriptions about each beat of your story. Attach characters, places, or tags to make organizing your plot easy.
  • Easy to Use β€” It's the easiest story timeline software you'll ever use. So many writers have said that it's the only one that works the way they think
  • Outline β€” Plottr generates the outline for you from your timeline
  • Notes β€” Keep all your notes together in one place. Tag and filter to keep them easily organized. Build your world, write lore, and take notes on items that are important to your story.
  • Characters β€” Build a full character bio customized to your story. Sort and filter by your custom attributes.
  • Places β€” Organize the places in your story with the same customization as characters.
  • Vertical or Horizontal β€” Flip the timeline vertically to visualize your story in a different way. For some it's much easier to see it and build it vertically.
  • Export β€” Take screenshots of your timeline as .png files. Export the outline and all your notes to a Word doc.
  • Markdown support β€” Most descriptions support markdown syntax so you can have rich text (including embedded images)
  • Autosave β€” everything is automatically saved for you so you never lose a thing (use Dropbox, iCloud, gDrive, etc to backup your work)
  • Autoupdate β€” Anytime a new version is released, you'll get it automatically


  • The 13 Templates package includes 13 awesome template files. Each template is a different plotting method for different genres and is intended as a quick starting point for your next novel. Get to chapter 1 even faster with a good template. (details here)
  • The JumpStart Session package comes with the templates plus a one-on-one jumpstart session with the creator to get you up and running quickly for those who like a human touch.


I'm happy to offer a full refund within 30 days if Plottr isn't right for you.

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This product is not currently for sale.

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43 ratings